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Rejected Post on the Pro-Aging Trance

A while back my university magazine approached me to write a scientific article for a well-educated but non-specialist audience i.e. my fellow students.

After submitting it multiple times and trying to get in touch, I abandoned the whole thing (they didn't seem to be interested; or bother letting me know that they weren't interested anymore). I've just found the Word file and thought - hey, might as well share this with the world. Please take into consideration that some of the circumstantial aspects of this piece are now out of date.

Do you believe in aging?

You’re lying down on a soft, lush green lawn, staring at the crisp blue sky, watching clouds fly by. Could it be that you could fly beside them one day? This isn’t the thought of someone who has ever been on a plane. This is the thought of the millions of people before us who didn’t. Imagine being them - it makes perfect sense, after all, that humans don’t have wings and can’t fly. Full stop. Yet people fly, they fly ev…