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Thursday, 5 May 2011

First Blog, Ever.

Before we start to explore evolution, let me outline what this blog is about, and what approaches it will take. Most people are aware of the theory of evolution. However, the predominant context of it has been restricted to the animal kingdom, and the most obvious animal of all has been ommitted: you, the human. Us, Homo sapiens. Articles of so-called "evolutionary psychology" may jump up in your head right now. Something about the colours women wear, or the jobs men want. Something about sex, something about money. Something silly.

This blog aims to explore the fundamental principles of life and evolution, and apply them to the surrounding world, with an emphasis on humans. This blog aims to challenge evolutionary psychology with evolutionary biology. This blog aims to cast light on many dark areas such as:

What is the cause, course and effect of life? Are there principles which apply to all forms of life, on Earth and other places in the Universe? Can we predict life forms? Can we predict selection pressures? Can we, ultimately, pinpoint the effect evolution has on our conditions, from the most basic, to the most superficial? Can we explain generalisations about groups of people, sexual orientations, the manipulation of the environment by people, different drives and personalities of people, and many, many more topics that are covered in mist at best.

Can the science of life, biology, by the theory of evolution, explain behaviour that psychology can only dream of explaining? Is this the only theory we need? Is it time we put a stop to countless opposing theories that have no evidence?

The answer is yes. It starts here, now.


  1. Hi Ariana, just messaging here because I don't know where else to try and contact you. I read the summary of your awesome research on the education sub blog, which was very interesting. The .jpg of your poster at the end is tiny. Would you be able to post up a bigger version that can be zoomed into and read successfully?


  2. Hi James, thanks for your comment. I think if you click the poster on that page it will open up into a zoomable picture... Let me know if that works! Thanks, Ariana

  3. Yeah, it is zoomable, but is still really low resolution. With text smoothing you can just about make out all the text, but the pictures are pretty fuzzy.

    Here is the link I am going to:

    1. You're right James. I've added you on g+ so if you give me your email there I can send you the original file!