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Friday, 8 August 2014

Can Artificial Intelligence Become "Alive"?

Re: AI (Artificial Intelligence) et al.: The direction of all things which seem a result of human intelligence is not determined by this intelligence. AI in itself is just this intelligence; our intelligence is the means - not the cause or the purpose. 

Both cause and purpose are the driving forces behind all humans do, and AI is not inherently endowed with either. Both cause and purpose in quality are constant tracing back to the first cell. It is what separates living from dead matter.

The Sun is great and powerful. Yet it has no intent to survive and reproduce - to take over the world, to own, to expand. These are living matter properties that are not breathed into intelligent dead matter.

Our consciousness is not suspended by intelligence. It is suspended by instinct. Our condition not logical. Even our inferior intelligence ultimately realises the nonsense condition life is. Superior AI does not doubt it.

Without an illogical drive, which may or may not be tainted into the AI, the dead will not come to life. And just as our 'natural' intelligence, AI would only be another continuation and branching point in the tree of life that serves as a tool to fulfill ends.

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