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Where does intuition come from?

Intuition is the complex, as of yet unexplained phenomenon which enables people to gain knowledge without any direct or obvious pathway from raw, disconnected components, to a unified, coherent idea. The source of intuition is unknown, and therefore knowledge gathered through it is often questioned for its usefulness, validity and accuracy.
The source and process of intuition can be viewed in a mathematical way.I propose a viewpoint, not my own or original, that takes into account our human perspective and its relationship with the physical reality truths.
This can be boiled down to our own nature, and its necessary obedience of any natural principles or laws.In essence, this means that we are part of the universe, on the deepest and loosest level of connection, through the fabrics that span the farthest regions of the world, by the most fundamental principles such as time or gravity; and more intimately in our environment, through the fabrics that span closer regions of the world, by m…